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Wendy Lunt

VP Marketing Technology Director, Washington

Wendy joined west, A WFG Company, because of their client centric focus and shared vision to work alongside their real estate and lending clients.  Knowing that everyone wants to be the superhero of their own story, Wendy is excited to work alongside clients in pursuit of business success and be their  Marketing Technology Robin.

Her role on the West Nerd Team is to listen to our clients, find the crunchy parts of their business, and uncover solutions while leveraging technology and marketing tools. She stays current by attending national technology summits, real estate seminars listens to endless audiobooks & podcasts and collaborates with her team of nerds at West.

Wendy listens for current trends in real estate, vets through tech solutions, and writes relevant 59-minute Livestreams and 90-minute Execute workshops. Why offer workshops vs classes?  She has found that the likelihood that clients will remember and implement the martech solutions afterward is greatly reduced, so it is implemented during each course.  Within each workshop, she can address the martech need, produce the solution with the “why it works”, and execute on it.  Clients leave confident in their new knowledge, take action and win!   That’s how Wendy meets you where you’re at.

Wendy loves adventure.  In her free time you will find her on a motorcycle adventure with her husband in the mountains, riding fat-tire bikes through the forest, hiking with her dog, and spending quality “girl” time with their 2 amazing daughters.

Prior to joining West, A WFG Company, Wendy was the VP of Sales & Marketing at WFG National Title, worked as a Realtor in North Tacoma, and taught elementary school while coaching volleyball in Idaho.  She brings 21 years of combined real estate, title and escrow experience. She is a graduate of Concordia University and has recently obtained her Certification in Digital Brand Management from OSU.

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