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Stacey Soleil

Marketing Technology Director, Serving Los Angeles / Ventura / Santa Barbara Counties

YOUR Success Is My ONLY Mission!

2021 Inman Ambassador

Stacey Soleil is a well-recognized real estate speaker, business advisor & trainer, that works with top-producing brokerages, Realtors®️ & real estate teams across Southern California. Stacey brings to WEST 20+ years’ experience in sales and marketing, 10+ years’ working with tech start-ups & an extensive background in recruiting, operations, advertising & sales training within national real estate brokerages. Additionally, Stacey is a contributing writer at Inman News and she hosts weekly chats via her curated real estate community known as Ready…Set…THRIVE on Clubhouse. Stacey has been a local, Los Angeles based Social Media Influencer since the early 2000’s, that has collaborated with a plethora of brands, celebrities, businesses and red-carpet events alike.

Contributing Writer - Inman News & Adjunct Instructor - The Residential Real Estate Council (RRC)

My friends say I’m a total nerd, but I consider this to be a compliment since I am extremely passionate about the process of discovery! I love to share the latest and greatest marketing & tech tools within the real estate industry with my clientele & I truly believe that when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. Which is likely WHY you’ll find me attending masterminds, think-tanks, speaking at events & guest paneling whenever I can in between work, because I never want to stop stretching & growing!

The depth of knowledge that is gained from deep dives with storytellers, creative thinkers and contrarians alike, helps me to get a 360 perspective on what works and what doesn’t within our industry. I guess you can say that I’m constantly on a knowledge quest so that my clients are always well-informed and stay ahead of the curve. Too many people in the industry operate reactively, and it’s my belief that it’s beneficial to be proactive instead.

Lean on me…I’m here FOR YOU! Additionally, I’m always on the look out for innovative and top-performing real estate talent from across the country, to inspire stories for Inman News & The Modern Day Agent, so if you’ve got a story to tell, let’s talk…I’m here to listen!

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