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A slideshow or rambling one-shot walkthrough isn’t enough for today’s audience. With Videolicious, agents can quickly combine expert personalized sales pitches with concise feature shots, driving excitement for each listing. Home sales rest on the personal connection between an agent and the buyer, and Videolicious gives agents the perfect platform to reach out for that initial connection. Great-looking logos and high-end music make your listing videos even more professional and powerful.

  • Easily create listing videos, neighborhood walkthroughs and testimonial videos
  • Easy to upload photos and create a voice over to give your property tours more life
  • Templates or "recipes" to help you come up with different kinds of videos to use
  • Fully mobile to cut down on video editing time
  • No pricing listed on website
  • Similar video tools available that include more features
Overall 4
Usability 5
Price 4
Support 3
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    Overall 4
    Usability 5
    Price 4
    Support 3

    Tell me a story…that’s what consumers are asking for when they are searching the web for their next home. Photos and videos tell it best, and Videolicious leverages both. Take up to 10 great shots from your camera roll, tell the story while the photos pan in and out across the screen and publish. Yes, it’s that easy and it’s an organic way to capture the story behind a home and what the community has to offer. IOS, Free APP.

    Posted on: March 14, 2015

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