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Naberly Solutions

Naberly Solutions is a powerful suite of technology used by real estate professionals to compete in today’s market. The focus is unified marketing automation for lead generation and follow-up activities.  The CRM, Modern Consumer Websites, Leadpages, Mass Text/Email Marketing, and Team/Client Messaging System is dramatically simpler and lighter; unlike any other system in the current market.

  • Property search experience using features and keywords that matter to your clients
  • Real time listing alerts
  • Marketing with Facebook Dynamic Ads built-in
  • Follow up automations with behavioral tracking
  • Unlimited lead pages with mass text & email marketing campaigns
  • Team & client messaging system built-in
Overall 4
Usability 3
Price 5
Support 5
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Ratings & Reviews

    Overall 4
    Usability 3
    Price 5
    Support 5

    Naberly Solutions has become one of my favorite platforms for lead generation and nurturing.

    Their IDX platform was one of the first to incorporate natural language search, a Facebook messenger bot and it integrates both seamlessly.

    Posted on: January 18, 2018

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