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With specific features for both buyers and sellers, HomeZada is a software platform that helps track home maintenance activity. Anything from a full remodel job to basic repairs can be entered and tracked. Plus, you can record new appliance installations with costs and model numbers; create calendars with embedded alerts for seasonal maintenance tasks; and keep a list of contractor names and email addresses for future projects.

HomeZada also includes common checklists for major home systems, and you can categorize by season, task or date.

  • Differentiator during listing presentations
  • Makes a great closing gift for buyers
  • Provides tracking and documentation for insurance purposes
  • Visual and simple to understand
  • Yearly subscription required for premium version
  • Initial setup and learning curve
Overall 4
Usability 4
Price 5
Support 4
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Ratings & Reviews

    Overall 4
    Usability 4
    Price 5
    Support 4

    With a no frills free version, and a premium offering that includes the “Zada Listing”… HomeZada is a pretty awesome and inexpensive way to impress sellers in a listing presentation AND it’s super useful information to transfer to the new buyers when they take ownership.

    Posted on: July 25, 2017

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