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Jeff Bernheisel

Marketing Technology Director

Jeff is a Marketing Technology Director for WEST, a WFG company, based out of Portland, Oregon.

Jeff's main focus is to work with clients both internal and external, helping improve and grow their businesses by creating innovative marketing approaches and taking advantage of marketing related technologies.

He is the lead contributor here on "The Modern Day Agent", and has also been featured on CNN, Inman News, and several other industry related publications speaking on the topics of SEO, website analytics and consumer behavior.

Previously, Jeff was a project manager at 1000watt consulting where he helped provide guidance on digital marketing strategies, user testing, and marketing/branding initiatives for real estate clients all over the country.

Prior to 1000watt, Jeff was the Marketing Director for M Realty, an innovative Portland area real estate brokerage and Inman News, a national real estate news publication.

He knows what it means to do progressive marketing within the context of the real estate industry, he understands how to use social media to get results, and the technologies agents want – and need – to succeed in today’s business environment.

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