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Marketing Technology Director, Inland Empire

Eric Eltzholtz has over 28 years of experience in the real estate marketing industry. Educating, training and implementing systems for Lenders, Realtors, Brokers and Brokerages in both traditional or tangible marketing and today's digital and mobile marketing environments. “I love working with clients on planning and building tools and processes that are easy to implement, effective to use and most importantly achieve the desired goals and results that our clients are looking for”.

Eric loves the term "Tradigital" marketing. The combination of smart traditional marketing vehicles blended with today's digital marketing, creates a dynamic and optimized marketing system that plays on the longevity of the tangible and the lead capture and follow up of the digital.

He consistently thrives in:

• Building a dynamic business and branding foundation to grow your brand & exposure
• Implementation of CRM platforms
• Creating automation in lead generation and follow up
• Social media strategizing
• lead generation platforms and website systems
• Working within marketing budgets from FREE to ???
• Circle Prospecting and Farming in all formats
• Ad buy strategies for Social Media and Google Ad Words
• Re-marketing, Pixels and analytics

Before joining West, Eric worked independently consulting real estate agents, teams and brokers in their technology and marketing decisions, was a success coach for Elevated Network, and worked at Network Communications, first as a Regional Sales Manager, then as an award winning independent distributor for The Real Estate Book.

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