Taco assault leads to more business

The headline states: Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend with a taco.

That’s a pretty irresistible headline, don’t you think?

It was a PERFECT example of relevant content for a Facebook group I’m a member of, which is focused on headlines, copywriting and improving your writing skills as a sales professional.

So, let me ask you something…

When was the last time someone got a taco smashed in their face, and you got new leads from it?

Probably never.

Well, if you’re my boy Ryan Stewman (aka The Hardcore Closer) it was just last week, as he’s the one that posted the article in the Cult of Copy Facebook group.

Now, even though I was pretty sure how the story was going to turn out… I couldn’t help myself, I just had to click it. A good headline has that effect on you, you know.

CJ, join our team and we promise not to hit you with tacos! Of course the story was exactly what I expected it to be. Some nut job got mad at his girlfriend, threatened to burn the house down and smashed a taco into her face. If you’re that interested, you can find the story here… however, the story itself isn’t what got me thinking that I should write this post for you. It was something that popped up at the bottom of my screen as I clicked into the article. (see image to the right)

Notice the little pop up call to action at the bottom offering a FREE copy of Ryan’s book?

He posted a link to an article that he KNEW would get a ton of clicks and engagement from this specific group of nearly 30,000 people that are interested in sales and copywriting using a sneaky little tool that allows him to overlay various calls to action, in this case a “Get Yours!” button. How genius is that?

This sneaky little tool is a platform called Snip.ly which can be a great way for you to (ethically) use someone else’s content to capture leads for your business.

Think about FINALLY having the ability to post a contextually relevant article into a neighborhood Facebook group and driving people into your home valuation platform without annoying everyone in the group and running the risk of getting kicked out for self promotion. Or, how about being able to share someone else’s content anywhere on the web, capturing new email leads as people share it to their family, friends and coworkers.

There are A LOT of possibilities here with this tool whether you’re dropping links manually from the basic free version, or A/B testing your offers and setting up deeper integrations with the pro version which is $79 a month.

So, the next time you share a crazy article on Facebook that you think will get a ton of engagement, or have something pertinent and real estate related to share out into the world, give this little tool a try and see what happens.

I bet it’ll be better than getting hit in the face with a taco.

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