Generate Seller Leads with Cloud CMA & CallAction

In this post, guest contributor Jessie Beaudoin, a longtime friend and founder of CallAction (an awesome platform that provides automation for inbound phone calls) shows us how you can generate listing/seller leads using his platform in conjunction with Cloud CMA.

Cloud CMA partners with over 200 MLS’s. Over 150K real estate agents receive Cloud CMA for FREE from their MLS or Realtor Associations. If you’re not sure what level access you have, check with your MLS or directly with Cloud CMA.

Using Cloud CMA As A Lead Generation System

It’s relatively easy to set up your Cloud CMA “What’s My Home Worth?” valuation landing page to prepare & deliver CMA reports automatically to sellers who have inquired. This can then be combined with a simple integration that will instantly capture your leads, do a data append, and immediately follow up with the leads via text message using intelligent automation. AND, if you use a CRM like Top Producer Systems, CallAction also sync’s the lead data in real-time into your CRM automatically.

3 reasons to try this:

First, you can capture seller leads from multiple marketing channels online or offline; your website, blog, Facebook, direct mail, print, etc.

Second, the leads are followed up on within 2 mins or less, automatically with the CallAction platform. This increases your lead conversion and you’ll have leads contacting you directly. If you get a partial lead (ex: no phone number) CallAction will automatically do the “data append” to try and find a corresponding phone number.

Lastly, since we integrate with most CRM’s, your leads will be automatically be synced for easy future follow up and marketing campaigns.


Below are the two sections, first setting up the landing page w/ Cloud CMA and then integrating with CallAction.

Setting Up The Cloud CMA Home Value Landing Page

You’ll need access to your Cloud CMA account (If you don’t have an account, contact Ricardo Bueno of W+R Studios at

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Then the “Lead Gen” tab
  3. There you will see a direct link to your personal “What’s my home worth?” landing page
  4. This is a long URL link that you can link to in a few ways:
    a) Link in a FB ad directly
    b) Buy a short domain name & point it to your long URL
    c) Link to it directly w/ a button or link in your existing website
    d) Use a URL shortener like

Done… but you can make it even better!

Personalize Cloud CMA to Convert Even More Seller Leads

You can have a personalized cover letter sent with the CMA automatically

  1. Click on Settings on the upper right-hand side
  2. Click on the Page Contents tab
  3. Write out your custom cover letter

Pro Tip: my suggestion is to set the expectation that you will be following up with them shortly to schedule an appointment to review the comps, remove any outliers, analyze the home, and arrive at a proper valuation – together, since report does not factor the most important items like: property condition, improvements, etc.

You will eventually want to use your CallAction phone number (setup below) as the contact number & have links to your website, MLS search, etc. with other strong calls to action.

You are now ready to test your landing page… so fill out the form with some data, check the automated report and then your email.Cloud CMA - Home Value Lead Capture

You should have a lead notification email will have the subject line that reads: “You have a new lead!” from the email address: This email contains the lead information with property address, email address and phone number of the customer.

Okay, now your Cloud CMA site is up and running & ready to go!

Setting up CallAction Integration

CallAction offers a free 14-day trial, so if you don’t currently have an account you can setup a free account now at

  1. Log in to your CallAction account
  2. Go to “Phone Numbers”
  3. Select the number you want to use & click “Manage”
  4. Click on “Email Settings”
  5. Personalize the outbound text message that will be automatically sent to every lead with a mobile phone. Here’s an example: “Hi, it’s Jessie of Best Realty. I just received your email request for a free home value report. Any questions? Are you thinking of selling your home in the next 6 months?”  (This example ends with a strong & engaging call to action question to elicit an immediate response from the seller but feel free to experiment with what works best for your style.)
  6. Now Copy & Paste your “CallAction email” address in the grey box
  7. Now, you need to forward the Cloud CMA, “You have a new lead!” email that contains the leads to your dedicated CallAction email address
  8. Setup a simple email forwarding rule based on a filter of the subject line: “You have a new lead!” & the email from: This is to make sure it is only these leads are sent to CallAction
  9. Set the forwarding email address to your “CallAction email address” you copied & pasted earlier


This is a super powerful combination of services that can deliver you as many home seller leads as you’d like with the right promotional activities.

You can see the complete user experience in action on Ricardo’s Cloud CMA demo site:  Simply fill out your address, email & enter your correct mobile phone (so you can see the text message part in action) to experience the process as a home seller would.

If you’re interested in learning more about CallAction, visit their site:

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