The Modern Day Agent program is run by a group of passionate technologists and marketers at West, a WFG company,¬†affectionately known as the West “Nerds”. We live and breathe real estate marketing, and spend most of our waking hours thinking about how the latest technology can improve our Realtor clients’ businesses.

We also talk with agents every day, so we know what works and what doesn’t work… And love sharing this knowledge with you.

Our Nerds

Jeff Bernheisel

VP Project Development

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I want to be one of those people who can change other people's lives for the better. From my phone. While still in bed.

Justin Tucker

Chief Marketing Officer

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As you're parking the car at the airport and Regulators comes on the radio, even if you're running late, you always stay and finish the song....always.

Justin Stutz

VP Training and Education

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You know it was a good day at the office when I rolled up looking like Ron Burgundy and left talking like Brick