Transaction Management

DocuSign Transaction Rooms

DocuSign empowers brokers and agents with the ability to get work done without the paper, and without being tied to their offices.

It’s a complete end-to-end digital transaction management solution that readily integrates with existing digital systems and is easy enough for anyone to use. It’s also mobile-enabled, securely encrypted, and legally accepted in our industry and around the world. Go 100% digital with DocuSign.

Dot loop is one of the leading online transaction management platforms in the real estate industry. With both an agent and brokerage solution, dot loop can organize and facilitate a more seamless process through any type of transaction.

The Nekst platform is a Real Estate transaction manager and assistant all in one.

Nekst organizes your day, manages communication with your clients and follows up automatically with all parties of a transaction… just like a real assistant.

Whether you’re an agent, managing broker, team leader or transaction coordinator, Reesio has everything you need to manage your contacts AND transactions in the cloud. It’s a true all-in-one CRM plus Transaction Management platform for the modern real estate professional.