Seller/Listing Tools

Have you heard of iBeacons? Using the platform, this new cutting edge technology allows a builder or Realtor to prompt messages to potential buyers as they tour a property. Stay modern and current by being one of the first to leverage this technology.

CloudCMA is an easy and affordable solution for creating beautiful CMA’s at the click of a button.

HomeZada is software platform that helps homeowners track home maintenance activity. Anything from a full remodel job to basic repairs can be entered and tracked. Plus, you can record new appliance installations with costs and model numbers; create calendars with embedded alerts for seasonal maintenance tasks; and keep a list of contractor names and email addresses.

HomeZada also includes common checklists for major home systems, and you can categorize by season, task or date.

Imprev Marketing Technologies

With Imprev’s Listing Automation for real estate brokerages, marketing content that supports your brand promise is automatically created for all of your listings. With every new listing, the listing agent will receive an email that includes links to a set of print and digital marketing content that has been pre-populated with listing details and photos. Agents can update and enhance these materials…or use them as-is. Either way, you ensure universal brand consistency across all of your listings.

Listing Automation also takes care of marketing for the life of the listing. Whenever a listing is modified, such as a price change, updated content is automatically recreated. With Listing Automation, your marketing will never be out of synch with your listings.

ListReports provides you with the perfect marketing materials to win a listing, sell a home or educate a buyer. It‘s a fast, easy and automated service that you can use in the office or on the go, and best of all, it’s FREE.

One text is all it takes to get a basic property website, neighborhood infographic, a listing presentation, property report, open house flyers and more… all branded to you!

Offrs is a marketing company that (fairly accurately) predicts which homes will sell in specific neighborhoods, then helps you create marketing plans to target those potential listings via email, direct mail, and phone.

Open Home Pro will help you collect and convert more leads at your open houses. This simple app will help you get feedback for your seller and follow up with potential buyers.

PointDrive goes beyond boring email and MLS listings to create engaging presentations that track recipient activity.

Present MLS listings, videos, property brochures, and floor plans in one cohesive story. Adding content is as easy as drafting an email, but PointDrive puts your attachments front and center allowing you to stand out in a competitive market with a personalized presentation that feels like it was made just for your client.

Prime Seller Leads is a complete home valuation website and landing page system designed to capture potential listing leads and nurture them using a custom CRM and email/text message follow up process.

Create elegant, mobile responsive single property websites to market your listings.

You can use your high quality photos, interactive floor-plan images, videos and even embed Matterport 3D showcases to create beautiful single property websites that your sellers will love, and you can leverage to get more listings.

Check out the demo here, and click below to explore all the options has to offer.