Email Marketing

Happy Grasshopper is a great solution for people looking to automate their email marketing efforts in a more personalized way. HG provides customizable content for sales people each month so they don’t have to spend hours creating it on their own.

Homekeepr is an agent branded app that allows you to generate referral business and stay top of mind. Share your trusted network of local home service or maintenance providers and maintenance tips with your past clients so they can easily manage these tasks on their newly purchased home.

NewPanda Email Marketing

NewPanda helps you create and deliver a beautiful and fully customizable e-mail newsletter every month. They provide rich, relevant content, including videos and polls, and you can always add your own content into the mix as well.

Similar to other major email marketing platforms on the market, NewPanda also handles all the delivery, stat tracking and reporting for each campaign you send.

Nudge is a web based email marketing app that allows you to make awesome digital flyers that move clients and prospects to action. Nudge offers visualization graphics for market value, asking price, time on market, market balance (between buyers and sellers), market activity, inventory, buy now/sell later and short and long term interest rates.