HowLoud: Help your buyers make a “sound” decision

Have you ever thought “I wonder how loud this neighborhood/street/home is?” when working with a buyer as they’re trying to find their dream home?

The question comes up frequently, especially in downtown urban environments, but never fear… now you have a resource available to help answer that question.

A company called HowLoud is crunching data and creating what they call their “Soundscore”.

From their website:

Soundscore™ is HowLoud, Inc.’s patent-pending technology to build our noise map and deliver data to users. A Soundscore™ rating is a number between 50 (very loud) and 100 (very quiet) that tells you how loud a location is due to environmental noise. What other single number tells you more about what it is like to live somewhere?

Here’s what it looks like when you overlay that data in the form of a heat map:

SoundScore Search

As you can see, my neighborhood is fairly quite but with the freeway and airport nearby… things start heating up the further East you go.

So, next time you have buyers that are concerned over noise levels, just hop on to HowLoud and perform a Soundscore search on the address to see how that property sounds.

Also, if you’re a developer, or real estate brokerage, you can apparently tap into their API to add this service to your website as another value-add for clients looking for rich neighborhood data.

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