How to get girls to like you… AND win the SEO game

I’m at the Digital Marketing Summit in Portland today getting schooled on topics ranging from Branding and Digital Marketing to SEO and UX/UI deep dives.

I got into a discussion with someone as to whether real estate practitioners can compete online with the big dogs (Zillow, Trulia,, etc) and my answer was “of course… as long as they’re willing to be creative and pay attention to what they’re clients are asking for”.

This campaign by Ikea is a PERFECT example of what I mean, and possibly one of the biggest SEO plays I’ve ever seen a company push publicly in an attempt to sell retail products.

They literally changed the names of products on their website to typical phrases that their potential clients may be searching for, along with a catchy description of why this product can help solve the problem.

For example, someone searching the phrase “how to get a girl to like me” may stumble upon the result for the BETRODD stainless steel double oven and gas cooktop with the following description and call to action that buying the product could solve the issue:

“IKEA is where life happens. This product’s real name is BETRODD, but right now we have renamed it to the relationship problem you just googled. All to make life at home easier for you. Because life evolves every day and everything, yes everything, can get better.”

See, people ARE Googling things like this (not that I would personally know THIS specific topic) and your clients are definitely searching for info on topics that the big dogs aren’t answering.

Long tail questions make up over 70% of searches.

Things like:

are there any good coffee shops in the Roseway neighborhood?

Are there homes for sale close to me with rooftop decks facing Mt Hood?

These are also becoming more important as voice search becomes more and more prevalent. It’s getting bigger. PAY ATTENTION.

See where I’m going here? If you’re able to give people the long tail answers to the questions they’re asking via your content… you don’t need to worry about competing for the big keywords that the Z, T and R.coms of the world are currently dominating.

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