Wendy Lunt

VP Marketing Technology Director

Wendy joined WFG because of the “client centric” focus and shared vision to work alongside their real estate and lending clients. She brings 18 years of combined real estate, title and escrow experience.

Wendy's main focus is to listen to her clients, uncover their goals and provide solutions, leveraging current technology and WFG solutions. She stays current by attending national technology summits, real estate seminars and in her free time she Googles technology for fun! Wendy listens for current trends in real estate, vets through tech solutions, and writes/teaches TECH TALK classes.

Prior to joining WFG, Wendy worked as a Realtor in North Tacoma. She is a graduate of Concordia University and is currently obtaining a Certification in Digital Brand Management from OSU.

What is one of your random talents?

I am a “Butterfly Whisperer”, I can talk a butterfly in to my hands so I can catch and release it outside.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A Kindergarten Teacher

What’s one thing about you that people would never guess?

My favorite weekend activity is shooting sporting clays with my husband.

What’s the one food you can’t live without?<strong>

Anything with red sauce, I am a lycopene junkie.

What’s the one thing that drives you nuts to an unhealthy level even if it shouldn’t?

Lack of clarity

If you were the subject of a story in a paper what would the headline be?

The Idea Girl Strikes Again

What would be your theme song if you had one?

WE are the Champions

What’s your personal mantra?

Today is your interview for tomorrow’s opportunities.

What is your favorite word?


Reviews by Wendy Lunt:

The local data is accurate and useful for a potential buyer deciding on a home based on the amenities of the community. The infographics are easy to use and a great tool to use at an open ouse or walking in to an appointment.

Are you an agent on the go with multiple leads and transactions going all at once? Or are you in the building faze with no transactions and multiple buyer/seller leads? This app will help you stay in front of the right people in a timely manner so they don't fall off your radar before you get them under contract. GoConnect is by far the best lead/transaction management app on the market. Get a daily To Do list that has been curated from your customized work-flows in one clean, stress-free screen. You will enjoy the experience of swiping away your tasks so you can move on with your day having accomplished the most important tasks first. Did I mention it's free? IOS and Android compatible.

Tell me a story...that's what consumers are asking for when they are searching the web for their next home. Photos and videos tell it best, and Videolicious leverages both. Take up to 10 great shots from your camera roll, tell the story while the photos pan in and out across the screen and publish. Yes, it's that easy and it's an organic way to capture the story behind a home and what the community has to offer. IOS, Free APP.

CloudCMA is a must-have for agents that hold open houses, give quick valuations on homes, cold call, door knock, provide value to their sphere and past clients, follow up with prospects, and go on listing presentations. Basically, anyone in real estate that appreciates the a time-saving tool that converts ugly mls reports into professional, beautiful presentations that keep the recipient engaged. CloudCMA offers a free trial, take them up on it.

Search your name, do you show up in all 10 spots on the first page of Google? If so, are the results all a good representation of you? If not, its time to get your Reach150 account set up. Consumers are obsessed with researching and reviews. When someone refers you or they meet you and consider hiring you, they go to their phone and pull you up. It takes 20 minutes to publish your profile on Reach150, do it! Your account and 3 client recommendations are FREE.